". . . one thing I know for sure I won't forget today . . ."

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    Black Metal,
  • Venom is usually credited as the inventors and founders of Black Metal . . . an area of music the group inspired and named. Venom burst onto the UK metal scene in 1981 with "Welcome To Hell", a poorly recorded, sloppily played, openly satanic, album. This first album and the one that followed called "Black Metal" paved the way for the wave of black metal that wouldn't take hold for a number of years. Venom's story is one of the most surprising in the history of UK metal, seemingly rising from impossible conditions to become the cornerstone of the modern black metal sound.




Teacher caught me playing hide and seek
underneath my desk.
She looked at me and winked her eye
said "see you after class."
I heard the school bell ring that told
me the day was done.
She called me back and locked the door
my lessons just begun

Teacher's pet
Teacher's pet

You've been a naughty boy she said
now that you can't conceal.
I'll have to punish you
the best way that I feel.

Teacher's pet
Teacher's pet

She took her hand and gently placed it
on my bright blue tie.
With open heart and heavy thoughts
she slowly closed each eye.
My mind was aching and my
thoughts began to stray.
One thing I know for sure
I won't forget today.

Teacher's pet
Teacher's pet

Played hide and seek with teacher's mouth
her lips were warm and wet.
Now today I've had my kiss
and teacher won't forget.

Teacher's pet
Teacher's pet