". . . who cares what the good book says . . ."

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    The Abbey
    Road E.P.,
  • RHCP is credited with being the first rock band to fuse punk and funk ("White sound" with "Black sound"). The band was born in LA in 1983 after what was supposed to have been a one-time gig. Without releasing an album, the original four members (there have been many line-up changes since) gathered a sizable following. They are also noted for their manic live shows which included playing in their socks.



Red Hot Chili Peppers


Catholic school girls rule . . .

In the class she's taking notes
Just how deep deep are the quotes
Mother Mary don't you know
She's got eyes like Marylin Monroe

Catholic school girls rule . . .

From the cross she's raised her head
This is what the sister said
Give no love until you're wed
Live no life until you're dead

The good book says we must suppress
The good book says we must confess
But who cares what the good book says
Cause she's looking fine in her new dress

Catholic school girls rule . . .

Lead us into temptation
We are pure divine creation
Talkin' about my generation
Injected with the seed of emaculation