". . . what a switch . . . ain't life funny . . ."

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    phil vassar,
  • Following a few years as a business major and football player in college, Phil Vassar moved to Nashville in 1987 to perform and write music. He wrote songs for Jo Dee Messina and Alan Jackson that reached #1 on the singles charts and was named 1998 Billboard "Songwriter of the Year" and 1999 Music Row Magazine "Breakthrough Writer of the Year." "Carlene" comes from his debut album.


by Phil Vassar


I was lousy at math, failed historian
Carlene was the valedictorian
I was the quarterback in the back of classes
She was the whiz kid in horned rim glasses

It's been a long time since I've been around
Since I stepped foot on my old stomping ground
I ended up by the old school yard
When this red head pulled up in a blue sports car
She said, "I bet you don't remember,
I guess it's been forever."
It took a second to put it all together and I said.

Ooh la la la la la
Looking good Carlene
Woh my my my my my
Times been good to you
If you know what I mean
Girl you glitter like hollywood
Good God, Carlene
You sure are lookin' good

She said hop in let's go for a spin
Tell me whatcha been doing boy and where you been
I said I write songs, you probably didn't know, but I
finally got a couple out on country radio
She said, "What a switch, ain't life funny, I've got a PHD,
now I'm modeling for money."
Imagine little miss 4.0
just smiling for the camera on the cover of Vogue
I said you've come a long way since graduation
Let me say without hesitation
You've surpassed everyone's expectations


I said I hope to see you again someday
She said another ten years is too long to wait
Pick me up at my Momma's at eight!

And I said.

CHORUS (Repeat 3 times)