". . . no love for killer babies . . ."

  • Song Found On:
    Unholy Terror,
  • W.A.S.P. lead singer Blackie Lawless says the lyrics of "Loco-Motive Man" are inspired by the school shootings across this country . . . he refers to the lyrics as "an open letter, written by a person who is describing what it is they are about to do and why. It's about someone who is unloved and starved for attention and is going to their school with the intention of murder-suicide. Hopefully if enough attention is brought to the idea of 'why' it happens maybe more of it could be prevented." Ever since the U.S. Senate hearings of the mid-1980s, the stage act and the lyrics of W.A.S.P. (which . . . according to groups like the Parents' Music Resource Center . . . glorify satanism, killing, and other shocking subjects) have been targeted for censorship.


by W.A.S.P.


I write to claim a lost identity, of me
Ooh - I leave a message for you all
Written here the fears that are my
Destiny you see
Come behold madness you never saw
No love for killer babies
My blood is written on your walls
Oh it's time I leave ya now
My locomotive rages

Oh no you never heard me call
Oh I know you'll hear me now
I feel the rage that brings
The fame of that I need
I've now a face forever more
Living with the fears
That hear these fantasies in me
Come and see sadness you never saw
No love for killer babies

My pain is written on your walls
Oh it's time I leave you now
Mama look what you made me
Your locomotive killer calls
Oh I know you hear me now
Don't wait for me
Don't hate for me
Don't ask of what went wrong
Don't pray for me or wonder why
You've known this all along

I've sinned for you
I envy you
Your pain I'll never know
I wanted love, you gave me none
I've come to take you home
Cause I've gone to meet my maker
I'm locomotive man
One killer baby's come to call
Cause I've gone to meet my maker
I am your Loco Man
I'm coming down to take you all

Oh God I'm coming
Read my words I'm coming
I got a gun I'm coming
You won't hear me coming