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FOUND 3708
Class Information
Spring 2017
TT 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Course Purposes:
This link provides a complete copy of the syllabus as discussed in class. While the syllabus provides you with the exact week-by-week course expectations, it also provides you with important background information that will facilitate your complete understanding of the larger purposes of the course and its connection to state and national teacher preparation standards.
  • Class Syllabus A copy of the syllabus containing the course description; course rationale; course connections to the BCOE Conceptual Framework; course connections to the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession; course objectives in terms of knowledge, skills, and dispositions; the class outline and meeting schedule; course activities and requirements; due dates and test dates; and evaluation and grading procedures.

Order of Personal Thesis Oral Presentations:
Each student will give an oral presentation about the most important personal, social, and economic factors leading to the choice of teaching as a profession. The order of class presentations follow the order listed on the class attendance sign-in sheet.

Personal Thesis Examples:
Below are examples of high quality personal thesis presentations that you can review as you create your own presentation. Song Analysis Examples:
Below are examples of high quality song analysis submissions that you can review as you create your own song analysis. TaskStream:
A web based program will be used by all class members for a number of class requirements. These submissions can be complex and trying especially for the technologically challenged. To reduce needless anxiety read carefully the information and directions on the following link.