Introduction to Education
Beeghly College of Education Beeghly College of Education

FOUN 1501
MW 5:10-6:25 pm
Room 4305
Class Information
for Spring 2013

Course Purposes:
This link provides key expansions of the syllabus handed out in class. It is provided via the web page to save on printing costs but is no less important than the paper day-to-day syllabus you received in class. This expansion provides you with important background information that will facilitate your complete understanding of the larger purposes of the course and its connection to state and national teacher preparation standards.
  • Class Syllabus A copy of the syllabus containing the course description; course rationale; course connections to the BCOE Conceptual Framework; course connections to the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession; course objectives in terms of knowledge, skills, and dispositions; the class outline and meeting schedule; course activities and requirements; due dates and test dates; and evaluation and grading procedures.

Class Meetings:
The links below connect to topic outlines used by the course instructor during class meetings. These are provided so that students can spend more class time thinking and interacting and less class time copying down the outline.